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New Patient Exam, Routine Cleaning, & X-rays​

Comprehensive Exam - Includes medical history review, dental history review, dental exam, periodontal exam, and oral cancer screening.
Routine Cleaning - This type of cleaning is performed every 6 months. Depending on exam findings and the needs of each patient as an individual, a more throrough and deeper cleaning may be advised. An additional fee will be charged.
X-rays - 4 Bitewing films will be taken in order to detect cavities between the teeth, periodontal bone loss, and determine future treatment needs. Additional x-rays may be required in order to best determine your needs.

At Dundalk Dentist, Dr. Richard Jaffe, DDS & Associates, we always welcome new patients! As proof, we offer a special deal for our new patients that includes:

Exam (0120)
Routine Dental Cleaning (1110)
X-rays (0274)

The type of dental cleaning offered with this special is considered a routine cleaning. If you have not had a dental cleaning within the previous six (6) months, an additional charge may apply. Please contact us for additional information and to schedule an appointment.


Next-Day Bleaching Trays​

Custom fit bleaching trays will be made from impressions taken of your teeth. One of our dental professionals will discuss detailed instructions with you when your trays are ready. After using your bleaching trays for two weeks, you will be able to see a noticeable improvement.

The first step in having your professional at-home whitening tray made is to have a dental professional at Dundalk Dentist, Dr. ​Richard Jaffe, DDS take an impression of your teeth at the beginning of your appointment. Using this impression, we will create custom bleaching trays that fit perfectly over your teeth.

You will receive your custom trays, two bleaching syringes, and personal detailed instructions from one of our dental professionals the very next day (trays made on Friday can be picked up the very next business day).

At home whitening can usually get your teeth several shades whiter. Studies have shown that professionally dispensed at-home whitening products are extremely effective, with participants' teeth lightening an average of 8 shades.*

Custom fit trays and whitening gel usually cost between $199 - $399.

With our special, you can have:

Bleaching for one arch - $100
Bleaching for both arches - $200

Call today for an appointment and let us know that you are interested in taking advantage of this special. This special is going to be offered for a limited time only so call us today!